A CEFAS Perspective on ECHO

As the government agency responsible for preventing the spread of serious fish disease in England and Wales, CEFAS is keen to work with any responsible group or organisation to prevent the introduction and spread of disease. CEFAS is therefore particularly pleased to be associated with the aims and objectives of the English Carp Heritage Organisation (ECHO).

The creation of ECHO in 2002 represented an enormous step forward for UK carp fishing. By encouraging and educating anglers to be more aware of their own responsibilities towards protecting our indigenous stocks, particularly against diseases introduced by illegally imported fish, it has significantly improved the status and reputation of fishing in general, and carp angling in particular.

ECHO has succeeded in unifying a large and growing section of the UK's angling and fisheries fraternity. Its development, in terms of influence and direction, is encouraging the setting of new and improved standards in angling, fish welfare and fisheries management across the industry. Its expanding influence in mainland Europe will also serve to educate others, thus further helping to prevent illegal imports of live fish entering the UK.

It has proved itself to be a responsible and highly respected organisation. We look forward to working closely with ECHO in the future, and we wish them continued success.

Eric Hudson

Head of CEFAS Inspectorate.