The British Carp Angling Championships

The British Carp Angling Championships has been shown on Sky Sports now for Four years, the last three being with it's own dedicated hour long programme. This years tournament will be televised again so you will have the chance to see the top boys in action. Coverage shows the competition as it progresses, interviews with the main players, and also a look at some of the interesting tactics in the tournament.

The Carp Show

Many of you will already have seen The Carp Show on the telly, but if you have not yet seen it you have been missing out. Many of the Angling International venues and guides feature in the programme, and we have in depth features on Raduta and South Africa showing just how awesome these venues really are. It gives you the chance to see the venues “in the flesh” and in addition there is top quality carping from both home and away. Couple that with some of the biggest names in the carp angling world giving top tips and tactics to help you put a carp or two on the banks, and you can se why the series has been a winner.

The first and second series was so successful that we have just signed up for a second series so keep your eyes on this web site and the press for details as to when the show will be aired. We expect the third series will be filmed throughout the summer and shown in Autumn 2005.