The mighty Rivers Ebro and Segre in Spain have long been known about for their quality carp and cat fishing but as the cat population has grown in size the smaller carp have been whittled down leaving a fantastic amount of 20 and 30lb carp which offer excellent sport for carp anglers. Situated in northern Spain approximately 2 hours form Barcelona, our base with Ebro Angling Tours at Mequinenza offers the sporting carp angler a fantastic opportunity to be right on the door step of some of the bext carp fishing in Spain. For more details about this fantastic river click on the picture to see exactly where we fish.

The Fishing
The majority of fishing operators on the Ebro specialise in cat fishing tours with carp as an added attraction, but as dedicated carp anglers we feel the carp should come first. Richie Davies, the boss of Ebro Angling Tours has been a carp angler for more than 20 years and has a lot of experience when it comes to carp fishing on the Ebro / Segre. A frequent traveller on holiday there himself he fell in love with the area and to coin a phrase he liked it that much he bought the company. With a boat at our disposal we can get you to where the carp are and Richie stays on the banks with you to ensure that you have the best possible chance of catching. The fishing can be described as fairly easy with the average sizes between 17 and 35lbs. However, Richie has a knack with the bigger fish and in 2004 two of the biggest carp caught on the Ebro all year fell to his customers rods. Have a look at the gallery to see some of the success stories.

The Package
Fishing in Spain is simplicity itself. The weather is almost always fabulous and it's only a short plane ride away from a lot of UK airports. Cheap flights are available with a number of carriers and you will be picked up from the airport and taken to your apartments which are right on the banks of the river, so much so that you can fish from the garden if you want. All of your gear is provided and all you need to take is your terminal tackle box and a camera. Night fishing is not allowed in Spain so your accommodation is provided is top quality apartments which are situated in the heart of Mequinenza with it's bars and restaraunts for entertainment. Whether your a group of hardened carp anglers that want some serious sport, or a family man that wants to take the wife away and get the rods out then our package will suit you down to the ground.

The Ebro / Segre Region
The Ebro is the biggest river in Spain, and it's tributary the Segre is also regarded as a fantastic carp and cat destination. The two rivers join near the town of Mequinenza and this has meant that the area is a hot spot for carp and cats.

Betwen 200 and 500 yards wide in this region there are a lot of areas that attract fish and with our boat we can give you "access to all areas" getting you into some of the most prolific and big fish holding spots that are inaccessible from the bank.

The majority of the fishing is short to medium range work and your gear is all provided (see more details on The Package page) so all you need to bring is your terminal tackle box and camera. Casting or snag leaders are advisable because there are rocky stretches in certain swims, and strong hooks are required for the hard fighting carp that the river holds.

On average the fish in this area are between 17 and 35lbs with the majority of them low and mid twenties but there is a good chance of a mid 30 or even bigger. One evening when we personally were fishing there we managed 5 thirties in the space of about two hours. There are carp all along the Ebro river but for some reason the Segre / Ebro confluence seems to produce more of the bigger ones. In the spring of 2004 we personally caught 153 carp between four of us fishing just mornings and evenings for a total of 27 hours whilst we were making a television programme for Sky Sports. The days were spent lazing around and having a beer in one of the bars in the town, and the evenings hauling some serious carp.

Night fishing is illegal in Spain but you can fish betwen 6 am and 12 mid night with the hours around dusk and dawn being the most productive on our visits there. Day fishing is steady and can be a time for the bigger fish but twhen the weather is right and the carp switch on it can be hectic action all through.

Halibut pellets are a favourite bait as bait but beware, the cats love them, and a heavy baiting campaign with pellets will virtually guarantee you cat action. Boilies work as well and a bed of particles will attract the carp in.

Spain is a stunning place to fish with incredible cscenrey and a nice chilled out atmosphere.

The Package

Flights - You need to book your own flights from the airport of your destination into Barcelona airport. Many of the cheap flight carriers land at Barcelona and Easy jet are a favourite as they are very cheap and fly from a number of UK airports. Flight costs vary but are usually around £50. If you shop around or book early you can get flights very cheaply so check out for details. Aim to arrive in Barcelona late on saturday morning and leave saturday afternoon.
Travel and Accommodation - Trips run Saturday to saturday but we you can arrange shorter trips should you so wish. You are picked up from Barcelona airport on saturday morning and taken to the apartments which are situated right on the banks fo the river. Each room sleeps two in twin beds and there is a small kitchenette for preparing food.
Short Breaks - We can accommodate you on a shorter break and offer a 3 day package. The cost is £150 but does not include airport transfers. We suggest that you hire a car and drive up to Mequinenza and if doing this fly into Zaragoza which is only an hour away. Hire car prices start from around £25 per day.
Equipment Provided - Rods and reels are Daiwa Infinities with line rather than braid for carp fishing. Fox alarms, Nash pods, Reuben Heaton scales plus a chair , unhooking mat and everything that you need with the exception of your terminal tackle is included in the prie
Permits - A national rod licence is required to fish the river and our guides will arrange this for you when you arrive. the cost is 17 euro's per week and is not included in the price of the trips.
Food and Drinks - Food and drinks are not included int he price but there are shops bars and restaraunts right by the apartments. Packed lunches / breakfasts can be provided by Ebro Angling Tours as and when required. You will be provided with cookers for brewing up on the banks and the apartments had frdges to keep any food that you buy fresh for when you need it.

How Much Does It Cost

  • Guided package to include airport transfers £350 per week
  • Short 3 day breaks £150


  • Permits 17eu / week
  • Restaraunt prices (approx.) Meal 12 euros

Beer 2 euro's

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