Snagmere is the code name for a large public lake about 2 hours from JoBurg which is similar in looks and size to Salagou in France . Crystal clear water allows you to see the bottom and also the carp in many places and the fish are absolute crackers. The bigger fish seem to be commons which run to upper 50s, and the smaller mirrors, which run over 40lbs are absolutely stunning and are similar in looks to Horseshoe fish.

African Gold have their own private area on this lake which can be very productive, but it is “real fishing” rather than fishing a stocked lake so it can be tricky but rewarding at times. In addition to the private stretch you can fish anywhere around the lake, and African Gold have the use of a fantastic guest house on the banks of the lake. The guest house has gardens running down to the lake and a swimming pool in the grounds so it is ideal if you want to take the family or have a bit of luxury yourself.

Food wise the majority of the time at Snagmere you eat from a barbeque cooked on the banks and with the African weather it makes the ideal end to a cracking day.

When fishing at Snagmere, as with Donaldson we also run an optional game drive and trip to Sun City to break up the fishing should you so wish.