Situated 1 hour from JoBurg, Donaldson is the smallest and also easiest of the African Gold venues. A small syndicate lake of 18 acres which is immaculately kept and situated within a private parkland you are virtually guaranteed of action and Martin Davidson, proprietor of African Gold will happily bet you that you will catch at least three fish over 30lbs in a weeks stay. There are toilets and a water supply right by the side of the lake and your meals (which incidentally are fantastic) come from a local restaurant.

Wildlife wise there are zebra's and antelope within the park, and the bird life around the lake is stunning. However, for a real look at the animals we suggest a trip out to a game reserve during your trip. We normally leave at first light to be at the park as the gates open then after breakfast on the terrace of a restaurant in the game reserve we leave to spend the rest of the day relaxing at Sun City before returning to the lake for the night.

Reed lined and surrounded by willows, Donaldson has been featured in many magazines and is the lake that holds those fantastic commons that average between 25 and 35lbs. There is a chance of a 40 or something bigger and the lake record currently stands at just over 60lbs.