These terms and conditions are issued by Angling International Ltd whose registered office is at Birchwood Farm, Moss Lane, Whixall Moss, Shropshire, SY13 2RU and who act as booking agents for the principal venues of Abbey Lakes, African Gold, Etoile Lake Ltd, Nirvana Tours, Raduta Sporting Tours, and The Compleat Angler. Full contact details for the above companies will be provided upon request.

•  Roles and Responsibilities
Angling International are responsible solely for the arrangements regarding the booking of your angling holiday with the principal agent, on whose behalf they act as booking agent. Issues relating to the booking arrangements should be addressed to Angling International. All issues arising at or about the venue / resort should be addressed to the principal.

•  Definitions
Principal - The company / venue offering the fishing holiday

Booking agent - Angling International

Client / Claimant - You

•  Deposit Payments
Bookings will only be accepted upon the payment of a deposit of 20% of the total holiday price (unless otherwise agreed by us) and the completion of a booking form or letter fully stipulating your requirements. The completion of a booking form or letter of request confirms acceptance of our terms and conditions, and a contract exists once we send you your confirmation documentation. It s the responsibility of the group leader to ensure that all members of his party are aware of these terms and conditions.

•  Final Payments
The balance of your payment is to be made at the lake with the exception of Etoile where the balance must be made no later than 10 weeks prior to the date of departure. In the event that such payment is not made, your holiday may be cancelled and the cancellation charges stipulated below will apply.

•  Amendments / Cancellation by You
In the event that you want to cancel or amend your holiday after our confirmations have been issued to you, we will do our utmost to accommodate your requests but such requests must be made in writing by either the group leader, or every person within that group that has sent us a payment. All amendments to your holiday after confirmation will attract an administration charge of £20 per person, and in the event that an amendment cannot be made by us you will have the choice of accepting the original holiday dates and conditions or cancelling the holiday. Cancellation charges are detailed below.

Cancellation more than 70 days before the date of departure full refund

Cancellation between 70 and 28 days before date of departure £50 charge per person

Cancellation less than 28 days before date of departure £100 charge per person

Cancellation within 48 hours of departure no refund

•  Amendment / Cancellation by Us
It is unlikely that we will have to make any changes to your holiday arrangements but occasionally changes have to be made, and we reserve the right to cancel or amend your holiday at any time if we deem it necessary. However, in the unlikely event that we do have to amend your holiday, you will be notified in writing and will be offered an alternative where possible. Where the alternative we offer you is not to your satisfaction, or your holiday has to be cancelled in full, we will refund you the full amount that you have paid to us. Claims for compensation for loss of enjoyment or incidental expenses not arranged with us (eg travelling expenses / travel tickets) will not be entertained. If you do not pay the balance of the fees owing by the due date (ie 70 days before departure), we reserve the right to cancel your holiday and the above cancellation fees apply.

•  Ejection
Upon booking you will be issued with rules for the venue that you have booked. The owners of our venues reserve the right to refuse admission or eject clients from their venues in the event of a serious act of misconduct. In the event of this occurring, no refund will be given.

•  Force Majeure
No claim of any type may be made if the cancellation / curtailment / loss or damage whilst at the venue is as a result of war, threat of war, civil riot or other strife, industrial dispute, terrorist strike, fire, adverse weather conditions, flood or any other circumstance that amounts to force majeure.

•  Complaints Procedure
In the unlikely event that you are not satisfied with the service that you receive whilst you are at one of our venues, please report your concerns to the on site representatives. In the event that any problems cannot be resolved at the venue, or you are dissatisfied with the assistance that you have been given, please report the matter to us upon your return. We take our customer care policy very seriously and any complaints will be fully investigated. A full letter of explanation should be sent to us within 28 days of your arrival back in the UK , and any letters received after this time will not be considered.

•  Insurance
All persons travelling with us should ensure that they have adequate travel and personal insurance to cover instances of death, personal injury, loss or damage to property, repatriation expenses etc. The completion of a booking form by you confirms to us that you have appropriate insurance in place. Advice on insurance can be given if so required and cover is available through our offices.

•  Jurisdiction
Any disputes with regards to the booking arrangements of the holiday are subject to English law and will be dealt with between Angling International Ltd and the claimant under the jurisdiction of the courts of England and Wales . Any disputes between the principal holiday provider and the claimant in respect of the facilities or matters arising on site will be subject to the jurisdiction and laws of the country in which the venue is situated, and any proceedings will be between the claimant and the principal holiday provider.