webull The English Carp Heritage Organisation (ECHO) was formally launched on the 23rd April 2001, the brainchild of two anglers, Ian Chillcott and Keith Jenkins and is now the largest supported organisation dedicated to carp in the world.

Both were alarmed at the flood of illegally and legally imported carp into the UK and held grave concerns over the threat they posed to the country's exisiting stocks. Further concern stemmed from the total lack of recognition of the problem across the angling world.

They decided to approach a small number of people that may be interested in joining an organisation dedicated to the protection of Britain's carp stocks. The majority, including the likes of past and present British carp record holders Terry Hearn and Lee Jackson, replied in the positive and from there the organisation began to grow slowly.

how to use webull Why? The illegal trade in smuggling foreign carp and coarse fish into the UK is, and has been, responsible for the deaths of countless carp from the Continent and has introduced diseases that have devastated fisheries all over England.

The legal trade is little better. With the inadequate legislation that governs this business little or no protection has been available for our native carp. Indeed, trade in all Cyprinids has been responsible for introduction of diseases to which our established carp populations and other coarse fish have no immunity.

Carp angling as we now know it has firm roots in this country. The modern carp scene thrives on an unrivalled heritage of big, beautiful carp that have grown big in this country and are revered world wide. Smuggling carp has seen the lives of such history fish needlessly lost. is webull safe


2nd May 2004:
Appearing in at many BCAC qualifying venue car parks during the competition to meet as many people as possible. The ECHO White Van Man - have
a chat and a brew!!

15th April 2004:
ECHO secures £12,700 from the EA to further research into SCMS- see 'News' page for more details.

20th March 2004:
ECHO gives £8,000 to forward research into Koi Herpes Virus with CEFAS - see 'News' page for more details.

20th March:
ECHO is proud to announce that The ECHO Research Fund has been established to fund priority projects and research, directly related to the protection of the future of carp angling in the UK - see 'News' page for more details.